How To Pick a Tow Company?

When going through the Yellow Pages and looking for tow companies, people are often left scratching their heads. Just how, exactly, does one pick the right one? They ALL claim to be the best, they ALL claims to offer this and that service. So, how do you know? Really?

The Tow Company You Choose Should Not Be Afraid to Answer Questions Up Front

That’s right. Any question you have should be able to be answered in a friendly and honest manner. When questioning tow companies, you should ask the cost for a tow and how far they are willing to tow, and whether they’ll be willing to do any needed paperwork your insurance company might require. You’ll also want to know if you have to pay the tow company now, or if you can wait until the insurance company pays. And…here’s a telling tip…the price they quote one time should be the same price given the same information, no matter how many times you call.

Choose Tow Companies That Your Car Insurance Provider Recommends

Your car insurance provider, whether that’s Geico, Allstate, State Farm or another insurance agency, they should be able to tell you which towing companies they prefer to work with. When you go with a towing company your insurance provider works with too, the paperwork involved can sometimes be much simpler, and will often be processed faster.
Choose Tow Companies That Have a Good Reputation
What do your friends and family say about a company? In the San Francisco area, which tow companies’ do they choose? Why do they choose them? Chances are, there are common aspects among them. Your family and friends will happily tell you which companies did excellent jobs, and you can bet they’ll be quick to tell you which ones didn’t!

Why Choose P&P Towing?

That’s simple. We’re honest. Give us a call for a fair and honest quote whenever you’ve broken down and need a tow, or whenever you need roadside assistance anywhere in the San Francisco area. We endeavor to make sure your experience with us is completely satisfactory and our reputation is dependent on answers to questions like those we mentioned above.