P&P Towing San Francisco Clients Testimonials

“I had spent an amazing day at Crissy Field with a bunch of my friends. I went to start my car and realized the battery had died. P&P Towing was at my car door in half an hour and had me back on the road in no time. The technician was incredibly friendly and helped make my day ever better”
Maya Strickle


“I was coming home one night from work and hit something in the middle of the road. I pulled over to the side and saw that my tire was completely shot. I called P&P Towing for help. A professional technician came to help me in an easily identifiable van and with proof of certification. The service was terrific – I’d recommend P&P Towing to anyone” – Jack Bigler

enrique-barretta“I needed my car towed a few miles back to my house. Because of the new rims and the low body of the vehicle, I needed a flatbed as well. P&P Towing arrived within 30 minutes, hooked up the vehicle and towed it back to my house. From start to finish, the service was smooth and quick. They helped get me where I needed to be and at an affordable price.”
Enrique Barretta

“P&P Towing is the only garage I trust to run a complete computerized diagnostic test on my car. The technicians made sure to inspect each section of my car. I had a buildup in the combustion engine, which was affecting my overall driving ability. I truly had no clue what was wrong with the engine, until they ran a complete diagnostic test on it. The entire diagnostic test took less than an hour, and the yolandaend results were incredible. I no longer had any sounds in the engine. They have a professional computerized scanner that pinpointed the areas, and saved me extra money. There are plenty of garages surrounding the SF area, but none are as good as P&P Towing. Their mechanics are like magicians when it comes to cars. They also go out of their way to make sure you receive an excellent customer experience. I’m sure glad I brought my car into their garage. You will definitely love the care they gave you and your car.” – Yolanda