How to Save Money on Gas?

With fuel rates getting increasingly higher (and showing no sign of remorse while they are at it) many drivers become fuel conscience and try to do whatever they can to save fuel and cut back on the bill at the fuel pumps.

Here are some of our tips and pointers for saving money on gas:

Speed: keep to the speed limit anywhere you go. Besides safety, which is first and foremost, putting the pedal to the metal takes up more fuel than you can imagine. These thrilling few seconds of building speed will later cost you quite a few bucks at the fuel station. Drive slowly, keep to speed limits, and do not accelerate too quickly.

AC – nature vs. technology: it is not absolutely necessary to turn the AC on each and every time you get into your car. Letting the AC run continuously over long trips takes up a lot of fuel. Sometimes, it is more than enough to simply roll down the window and let the breeze cool you down. When planning a long trip, try to leave early in the morning in order to avoid the midday heat.

Car maintenance: taking care of your car is undoubtedly important, but it can also save you some money on gas. Making sure your tires are inflated to the correct pressure level, having your car get periodically checked by a certified mechanic, and maintaining a steady routine of preventive treatment will both keep you safe and make sure your car is in top shape and thus, keep your fuel expenditure to a minimum.

Idling by: it is not uncommon to find parked vehicles with their drivers sitting in them, engines idling by, waiting for something better to do. While waiting with your engine turned on, you waste a frightening amount of fuel. Next time, simply turn your engine off to save a few dollars on gas.

24/7 Emergency Fuel & Out of Gas Services

Should you find yourself in a jam, running low on fuel, and having no gas station in sight for miles on end, just give us a call. Our on call crews deliver swift and immediate emergency fueling services for out of gas situations, amongst our many other professional services.

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