How to Prevent a Car Lockout Situation from Ever Happening

A car lockout is undoubtedly a very frustrating thing, a simple mistake of locking your keys in the passenger compartment or trunk and you’re left standing next to a locked vehicle unable to get in and drive away. If this happens to you it’s good to remember that a highly skilled auto locksmith tech can get you back behind the wheel in no time. Even so, it is best to take measures in order to prevent a car lockout from occurring in the first place. At this point you may be asking yourself what can be done before hand to reduce the risk of a car lockout situation ,in this blog item we’ve gathered for you some tips as to how you can prevent car lockouts from happening to you.

Habit Makes Perfect

So far as avoiding car lockouts, adopting some good sense habits will work wonders. For instance, take to using a key chain that there’s little chance you’ll forget taking with you, it may have something on it that you treasure, it may rattle or even have a clip that you attach to your clothing, wallet or hand bag.
Train yourself to make sure you have your car keys with you every time you get up to leave, weather you’re coming or going, leaving your car at the parking lot at work, at the mall or anywhere else.

Have a Spare Set of Car Keys Handy

It’s a good idea to have more than one spare set of your car keys. Keep one spare set at home and give another one, two or even three to close friends or family members (who live in homes of their own not too far away from yours). This way if you do get locked out of your car you can try to have someone come by with a spare set of keys you can use.


If you like gadgets you can find several types which can help prevent car lockouts. There are beepers you can attach to your car keys and set off using your mobile phone, there are even ones who can give a position on a map (on your phones screen) showing the location of your keys.
Even attaching a label with your name and number can help as anyone who finds your car keys can call and inform you they have them.