How to Avoid Towing Scams

Towing scams are unfortunately all too common. Here are some ways to avoid being a victim:

Insurance Policy: If you’ve been in an accident, find out how your car insurance company handles towing and how much your insurer will cover. It’s possible that your insurance company works with a specific towing company and will be able to cover a portion of the towing fee.

Be Cautious: Don’t deal with a towing operator who arrives on the scene unsolicited. This is how a lot of scam artists take advantage of stranded motorists.

Be Informed: Don’t let a towing operator take your vehicle until 1) you receive a printed price or invoice that lists all fees and 2) you know where your car is being towed to. You should know exactly how much you’ll be expected to pay and where your car is at all times.

Be Discreet: Don’t give out any personal information. Reliable towing companies won’t ask for it except for what is necessary to do the job.

Be Wary of Giving Out Too Much Insurance Information: Some bandit tow operators use this information for additional scams, like calling the victim and pretending to be their insurer.

Check the Details: Make sure the company name on the truck matches the documentation. This establishes legitimacy and shows you that the company is professional.

Call For Help: If you suspect fraud or if the tow truck driver refuses to leave, call the police. Your safety is paramount. The police will help you deal with the situation appropriately and will take care of any legal issues for you.

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