How to Change a Flat Tire by Yourself Guide

A flat tire change doesn’t have to be some horrible task that you dread. In fact, it’s rather simple. In this blog posting, we’ll show you a fast, easy way you can change a flat tire by yourself with no problem!

First thing’s first. When you discover that you have a flat tire in San Francisco (doesn’t matter what area it is) you should try to find some flat, stable ground to conduct the flat tire change. You don’t want the car to roll! You should endeavor to park as far away from traffic as you can. Also, be sure to turn on your hazard lights.

Next, put on your parking brake. Again, you don’t want to accidentally roll anywhere…especially when you’ve jacked your car up and are trying to put the new tire on. One other tip, if your car is a standard and not an automatic transmission, always put the car into first gear. To be on the safest side possible, put a heavy rock, a block of concrete, or another spare tire etc. in front of the front tires and behind the back ones. You can never be too careful.

Time to Jack Up Your Car

After you’ve ensured that your vehicle is stable and isn’t going to roll away on you, take out your spare tire and jack. You should put the jack under the frame of the car (be careful not to place it on a plastic part of the car that could crack and break off), next to the tire that you want to change.

Work the jack and lift the car until it supporting the car enough that you can remove the hub cap, loosen the nuts, and remove the tire safely. Use the tire iron to loosen the nuts. Remember that you always turn counterclockwise in order to loosen them.

Change the flat tire and replace it with the spare. Tighten the nuts. Replace the hub cap. Lower the jack.

Voila! You have changed the flat tire by yourself!

Time to Call Roadside Assistance

In the event that you cannot conduct a flat tire change yourself, you should give a qualified tow truck service that provides emergency roadside services. P&P Towing is happy to help with conducting a flat tire change as well as providing other emergency roadside assistance. When you need towing San Francisco…a call to the experts is all that’s required.