Driving Under the Influence in San Francisco

Everyone knows (or should know) exactly how dangerous driving under the influence is. Drunk driving leads to the deaths of many people every single year in the San Francisco area. It’s no wonder that law enforcement officers take the issue so seriously. Thus, not only can driving under the influence cause the death of yourself or others, it can also land you in a heap of trouble. If you drive under the influence, you could end up with a DUI charge. You could lose your driver’s license or worse! Jail time doesn’t sound too fun, does it?

If a police officer suspects you of driving under the influence, you can be sure that you will be pulled over. You’ll likely be subject to a field sobriety test. During that test, you may be asked to walk in a straight line, one foot in front of the other, heel to toe. If you are sober, you should be able to do this without staggering, wobbling, or falling down. You will also be asked to breathe into a breathalyzer. This will check your blood/alcohol level (BAC). If it’s over a certain percentage, you’ll likely be arrested. Moreover, your car could be impounded by the police right then and there!

Driving Under the Influence Just Isn’t Smart.

Consider the fact that when you drink and you begin to drive under the influence, your eyesight is affected. Your depth perception is likely off. Your judgment is impaired. You could end up missing stop signs, you could run a red light, and you could lose control of your vehicle entirely! Can you imagine careening off the highway and into a ditch, or slamming into a telephone pole, or worse…hitting another vehicle and causing another person to be hurt or killed?

The safest thing to do when you’ve been drinking is to stay home. If you are out at a restaurant, clubs, or bar, call a taxi! An alternative is to have a friend that has not been drinking drive you home. Don’t be foolish by stumbling out to your vehicle and putting your keys in the ignition!

You may want to go out and have a great time. There is certainly nothing wrong with that. However, you must always keep the consequences of driving under the influence in the forefront of your mind. You must be responsible and keep yourself and others from harm. San Francisco deserves responsible drivers on its streets.